Thursday, June 4, 2009

America's Favorite Farmer's Market....

Dear LFM Supporters and Friends,

I am including a post I received from our Market Manager, Cindy Torres:

"The American Farmland Trust is hosting a national competition to find America's Favorite Farmers Market. The Longmont Farmers' Market has doubled in size over the past couple years thanks to our hard working farmers, loyal customers, and supportive local government! Let's show America, our community's dedication to market farmers, great food, and healthy communities by voting for the Longmont Farmers' Market as your Favorite Farmers' Market.

Do you love shopping at the Longmont Farmers Market? Is the Longmont Farmers' Market the best farmers market in the country?

You Bet!

Cast a Vote for your Favorite Farmers' Market: The Longmont Farmers' Market and vote for local farmers, great food, and healthy communities!

Thank you!

Cindy Torres
manager-Longmont Farmers' Market

A note from Chef Deb:

I am sure many of you have heard me spout this little bit of information, but I think it bares repeating.

We (LFM Shoppers) outspend our neighbors! The average dollar per person, spent at the other market is $5-$6, while the average shopper at LFM spends about $35-$40. Yes, they have more volume, but dollar for dollar, we outspend the other guys. Plus, no one ever calls our market a "mad house".

Personally, I love this market, and I adore the farmers and the people even more. This is a great place visit, a wonderful place to shop, and a community I am proud to call home. I say we just call ourselves the winner's of this little competition and then get back to pondering life's most important questions:

"When will the corn arrive?" " Will $40 be enough market bucks?"

"Is it peach season,yet?" "Where's the donut guy?"

and my personal favorite..."What are you making today"?

Don't forget to vote and ....

then I will see you Saturday, at America' s Favorite Farmer's Market (I am just practicing).

Chef Deb

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