Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching up, Cheese Class...Cookbook Winner!

"Catching up" is the theme for this week.

Missed calls, dozens of emails, appointments to schedule, holiday parties to create menu's for and deadlines for upcoming classes, blah, blah, blah.... But all these take a back seat when someone in the house is not feeling well, and in our case, I have two someones. My daughter's have two unrelated ailments, and I know, as sure as the sun rises, they will eventually swap bugs.

So, while I am jotting down dozens of ideas and recipes to share, I am busy making soothing garlic soup (it's more of a broth, really) for one child. Of course, the other wants chicken noodle soup with extra noodles (but only the special thick chewy ones)..fresh ginger ale, plain baguettes and hand rolled crackers. I always feel helpless when those around me are not well, and I compensate for those feelings by concentrating on special items. I firmly believe in the adage: Food is love (and it keeps me busy).

Cheese Class:
This trip was well worth the time and effort! I met some wonderful people, ate incredible food, explored and shared my home state with my good friend Teresa AND learned a great deal on cheese making. I will share it all later this week.


This was one of our "must stop" places. We actually ate there two days in a row, and traveled over 60 miles to eat there the second day. Monument Cafe. Georgetown, Texas! They support local farmers and producers and are well worth the drive if you happen to find yourself in Austin. Ya'll will thank me later, promise.

Cookbook Winner!

Emily Kintzel has won, BakeWise, by Shirley Corriher. Congratulations!

I had so much fun with this and Thank you to all who responded.

I will not be able to do this every month, but I thought a few more books for November and December would be exciting.

November's book is, Martha Stewart's Cooking School. Drawing ends November 30.

There has been a new genre of cookbook emerging in the last year or so. If you have noticed, many are going "back to basics". It makes sense, with all the news on the economic state of our nation, to go back to simple things. I have always been a bit bothered by cooking classes and books that teach "recipes" as I feel you need to know "Techniques". Martha's new book brings those techniques to you and of course, "It's a good thing". Everyone who sent me an email will still be on the list for this month.  Good luck!

Chef Deb

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